Welcome to The Bar kochba Ranch

Welcome To the Barkochba Ranch !



When I was born my parents had my bedroom decorated in Cowboys and Indians, and with horse and ranch themes. I believe I was imprinted with ideas of the West from the very beginning. It was a passion that I could share with my father, and we watched many Western movies and shows in the late 1950s and 60s. I always knew that I wanted a ranch somewhere out West.


At some point during my school years I became aware of the Simon Bar Kochba revolt against Rome. This was a revolt of principle versus Empire. A war that had to be fought, but was fought at great cost to both sides. It completed the events that led to the Jewish Diaspora, and a very long period of of exile and suffering. I greatly admired the principles and sacrifices of Bar Kochba, and thought that it would be a perfect name for a ranch in the American West.

For many years. I was fortunate to travel with my family on Western excursions. We went to the C lazy U ranch in Northern Colorado for 10 straight years and made many friends there. After the one week at the ranch, we would usually travel to another area of the Rockies and explore the museums, the art, and all of the outdoor  adventures that we could handle. I always kept my eye out,. however, for possible ranches, even if they were relatively small.


After these adventures I would  come back to the hospital where I work, and be talking about the West, and I guess talking about my dream of finding a ranch. One such day a physical therapist, who has since become a good friend, said to me “all these years I’ve heard you talking about ranches and possible locations, but I’ve never heard you talk about the Wet Mountain Valley”. I asked him where was the Wet Mountain Valley, and when he said Colorado, I assured him that I had traveled Colorado widely and never heard of the Wet Mountain Valley.. To this he replied “that’s the beauty of it, people an hour away have never heard of the Wet Mountain Valley either.”


That’s how we came to Westcliffe and the Wet Mountain Valley. I also knew it was the right place for the ranch when I  found out that Westcliffe was in Custer County.  Custer, Crazy Horse, and the Battle of the Little Big Horn,had always been an area of interest for myself and my dad.


Since purchasing this small ranch in Westcliffe, I have never been disappointed.  It is a place of spectacular beauty. The community and neighborly spirit,and the talent of the people,make this a very special and unique place. My family, and friends feel very fortunate to be able to come here.


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  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful place. I know for sure you can’t wait to retire and move there. Can’t say I blame you a bit. Keep posting so I can enjoy the beauty too.


  2. Do you have a bed and breakfast near your ranch? At some point we would like to come to that area to visit. We have been near there, but had no idea this was there. Thanks for any information. Joan

    • My husband is a patient of Dr. Millstone. They briefly discussed the ranch and now we are interested in visiting! We will see what the weather is like in February.

  3. Love it!! Having lived in Nebraska for a few years we had opportunity to drive through Colorado, Wyoming, and S.Dakota. I know you are anxiously awaiting to retire to your ranch! Even if it would break my heart!! LOL don’t know what I will do without you close, but that’s just selfish.. YOU deserve to be there enjoying the fruits of your labors!!! Please keep me updated with your site progress.

  4. Oct. 4 2014
    I hope you are having a wonderful relaxing time away from here!! Have you posted any current pictures? If so, where? Have some fun for me while you are away..See you soon..

  5. I wish that Gary and I could see your farm. He is a huge history buff and would appreciate all the history that this area offers.

    • That would be nice, I could tell ;even under duress, that you guys are natural Colorado people. Your really doing a good job for Gary, and I admire your devotion,and dedication.

  6. I recently retired to Westcliffe from Phoenix. Native Texan. Your description of your love of the West mirrors mine, even including the fascination with Custer. Now I am going to ask a stupid question…where is your ranch located within the Valley? Would appreciate hearing from you.


  7. Thank you Dr. Millstone for sharing this web site with Alicia and me this morning in your office as you checked Alicia over. I have not completed all of the articles, but I am so impressed by what you have put together here. I plan to read them all. We have listened to you as you have described the ranch, and retiring your prized horse to the ranch. Alicia and I have the utmost respect and trust in you; and have loved to hear this side of your life. My dad loved horses, and the idea of the west. He even had a pinto that was from Little Joe’s pinto on Bonnanza; as well as a black stallion, and others. So these stories make me think of my dad who has passed away. Thank you again, and most of all for being there for Alicia and getting her through of the cancer surgery 17 years ago.

  8. Really happy to find your ranch site, Dr. M! At my last appt., if had not stood before the photo of your gate to the Ranch, with the overhanging name on the crossbar: “Bar Kochba”, I would’ve never known ‘the’ story of why you named it as such! (Plus your cowboy & Indian love!!) When we were stationed in Bitburg, Germany with the Air Force, the Deutsche landlord strongly suggested that we choose cowboy wall paper for the bedroom where our two oldest boys would call their own. I would wager it is still there, if the glue held! That’s how much THEY loved our American Wild West! I smile thinking of you there full time someday, but with a tear in my eye- for that would mean You were no longer our superb medical physician – beyond compare!

  9. I am living in Rosita as of this year. I have driven by your ranch several times on my 4×4. I have always been curios about your entry. Today I stoped and came up for a closer look. Such a great enterance to your property!!

    • Thank you. The scenes, or historical events pictured, are things that have interested me over my life. One of the themes however is “do your own research ,and form your own opinions .” Therefore some pictures like Davy Crockett, and the Alamo are obvious . Whereas the miner with the pick, by the creek, with a cherry branch suggest the discovery of gold at Cherry Creek which lead to the founding of Denver.

  10. Shalom. My name is S.G. and I am a Sabra, a native Israeli living in Aurora. Today my husband and I visited wet mountain valley (which we never heard of…) and drove by your ranch. We were blown away by the etching on your gate. The stories of past history and the ever-living hope of my people, side by side with the US and Native histories of my adoptive country! It simply was so special and meaningful to us. The best kind of present for Shabbat, and on Christmas day 🙂
    Please feel free to contact me privately if you ever wish to talk about Torah, Israel and Masada. Wishing you all the best.

  11. You are my favorite cowboy and I really miss you. Your ranch is beautiful. Now I understand why you got out of the rat race. Thank you and your staff for everything you helped me through.

    Kris Lyncker

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