Jamie’s Beatle Kill shop

were the majic happens

forbidden Zone

In the summer of 2007 Jamie cut several dead trees with a little echo cs300.

After Asking around we found Joe Dixon who brought his Woodmizer portable mill to the Barkochba were we sliced up all those trees. Since then Jamie has kept careful track of the wood and can tell you were every board came from on the ranch. as he uses them to build projects for the house, everything from Picture frame, bookshelves to coffee dispensers. with many more planned out and boards reserved for a point when he has more time to work.

Each time he comes to the ranch he combs the pawn shops of Colorado springs  looking for good deals on tools  and has amassed a nice collection to work with.  he is more than a little fussy about his tools and blades as any resources in the shop have been accumulated with great effort and he despises a trip into town , interrupting his work because of a chipped blade or broken tool.


Hope to see a report on the big green egg, hope you don’t need a Crane to move it 🙂




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