The Medicine Wheel

In the fall of 2009 Jamie following a lead from cowboy to create a place for guest to deposit the Various stones found on their adventures created a Medicine wheel at the Barkochba inspired by the TV series Into the West  and the Bighorn Medicine Wheel On top of the Bighorn Range in Wyoming.  He set about  to use various sources of information  including  Mark Dodich’s  illustration  on Astromark. Little is really Known about the use of the Medicine wheel however ours was created with reverence and care to establish a  permanent tribute to the Native American Spirit.  Various sources show this Image including this one at I am Unsure who to give credit for this Image Guide.


We hope to replace stones with found rocks that may hold more resemblance to what they represent. as Guest find them.

The Meaning Of The Stones according to the Ojibwe people

I. Creator  Center of all life, the Medicine Wheel itself.
2. Earth Mother • Gives us our home, and our lives.
3. Father Sun. Warms life, source of energy and light.
4. Grandmother Moon ~ Guides dreams and visions.
5. Turtle Clan· The element of earth. Growth and life.
6. Frog Clan ·The element of water. Cleansing. honor our tears.
7. Thunderbird Clan. The element of fire. Primal energy, lightning.
8. Butterfly Clan. The element of air. The art of transformation.
9. The North· Knowledge and wisdom. Mind. Receivers of energy.
10. The East . Daybreak, Illumination. Spirit. Determiners of energy.
11. The South. Youth and innocence. Emotion. Givers of energy.
12. The West. Introspection, Looks-within. Physical. Holders of energy.
13. Snow Goose · Direction.
14. Otter· Balanced female energy.
15. Cougar· Leadership without insisting.
16. Red Hawk -Observant. Messengers of the Gods.
17. Beaver-Builder and do-er. Many doors, options open.
18. Deer-Power of gentleness. Touching hearts.
19. Flicker· Music.
20. Sturgeon ·Moving through life, swimming.
21. Brown Bear -Introspection. Sweetness of truth.
22. Raven • Keeper of Sacred law. Shape shifting.
23. Snake-Power of creation. Transmutation. All things are equal.
24. Elk. Stamina. To pace yourself To go the distance.
25. Cleansing· To make clean. To purify.
26. Renewal-To form anew. Restore to former completeness. To begin again.
27. Purity· Clean and innocent. Genuine. Pure.
28. Clarity -Unclouded. Luminous splendor. Free from darkness.
29. Wisdom -Knowledge and sense. Intelligence and foresight.
30. Illumination-To enlighten. Cast light upon.
31. Growth. To become. To change from one state to another. To advance.
32. Trust-To place confidence in the reliance on the integrity and friendship of another.
33. Love. To delight in a higher state of appreciation. A strong feeling of affection.
34. Experience. Knowledge and understanding gained through the changes of life.
35. Introspection-To look inside. Examine in depth. Contemplation.
36. Strength • Power and vigor of mind, body, memory and affection. Intensity. .


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  1. I really like your medicine wheel. Have known of them for many years as I am very spiritual also. Actress Shirley Maclaine has a large one on her property and walks it every day.

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