The Gate

Simon Bar Kochba was the military leader of the last great revolt of Israel against Rome (132-135 A.D.) Bar Kochba was very effective, and for several years was able to drive Rome and its legions out of Israel. Both sides suffered huge losses but for an Empire an insurrection that met with success was simply not an option. The defeat of Bar Kochba at Betar represented the last free state of Israel until the modern state of Israel was re-created in 1948.

Incidentally, the spiritual leader of this revolt was Rabbi Akiva who was illiterate until age 40. How he became one of the greatest Rabbis, respected and beloved, even in disaster, is a wonderful story in its own right.

The facing plainsmen and Plains Indian are based off of images of Buffalo Bill and composite images of Kicking Bird, Chief Gall, and Chief Rain in the Face.

The red tail hawk and buffalo are iconic western images. They play key roles in the spirituality of the Western tribes and in the case of the buffalo was essentially their entire economy.

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